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WordPress is one of the most popular systems or CMS (content management systems) for small businesses to produce their blogs and websites in. The reasons for this are many fold, firstly and most importantly for small businesses is that it is FREE, and for businesses starting out, especially for small ones with limited budgets, a FREE website CMS is something they just can’t pass up on.

Cheap website builder or WordPress, which to choose

You may think that as it is Free, all small and start up businesses would use it. Well, a lot do, but there are reasons why not all small and local companies go with WordPress. The down side if WordPress has such a thing is that, it is not as simple to use as the ever growing number of website builder packages out there. These website builder packages like Weebly and Godaddy use a simple drag and drop design method that any one, no matter what level of experience they have with website building can use to publish their own website. This coupled with some good marketing, after all they have the funds to do this, as they are selling their hosting and website packages, has convinced many start up business to choose other systems rather than opting to install WordPress.

low cost WordPress SEO service

Simplicity may stop you ranking on Page 1

Simple is not always best. The problem is that these easy to use website builders limit your ability control and change some of the important on-page SEO factors of your website, and this can make it much harder to achieve the all important first page rankings that your business is going to need. The other thing to consider before choosing one of these website builders is that they belong to the hosting company and if you decide to change to a different hosting company in the future, you will have to redesign your website. The fact is that by offering you these packages, they are actually tying you in to their hosting and that really what they are trying to sell.

Drag & Drop Website Builder for WordPress

So, which type of website system should you choose? Well, that decision may have just been made an awful lot easier. One of the reasons WordPress is so flexible is the massive choice of themes that are available for it. These themes control the look and feel of the website and due to the growth of website builders, there are now website builder themes available which will give you much of the on-page SEO flexibility but will still allow you to make major changes to your website by simply dragging and dropping.

Elegant Designs offers access, to their amazing range of 87 different WordPress, themes, in one low cost package costing only $69, including their much talked about website builder theme. This means that the only other cost you will need to pay, to get a fully functional WordPress website up and running is your website hosting, which these days can be purchased from as little as a pound per month. Even a fully featured cloud based hosting package which including a daily backup service, is available from as little as £1.25 per month from TSO Hosts.

Plug-ins, The Flexibility of WordPress

As you may well be gathering, flexibility is the key not only to a great looking website but the ability to get it to rank on the first page of Google. WordPress allows you to install “Plug-ins” which are a bit like apps and add features and tools to your website like apps do for your phone. Just like phone apps, many including some of the best ones are FREE. These plug-ins can allow you to easily control many accepts of SEO, from page titles, sitemaps to redirections, if there’s a need for it then there is a plug-in to make it simple.

Yoast SEO plug-in for WordPress

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is crucial to the success of any website and while WordPress site are already fairly SEO friendly straight from install the Yoast SEO plug-in takes this even further by adding some great features. Yoast does not irradiate the need for a good SEO service but it will allow many of the changes such page titles to be adjusted very quickly and simply. It also give you a very good indication of how optimised a page is for a particular Topic/keyword.
Yoast SEO

Writing quality content is important as part of the SEO process and as the Yoast plug-in can rate your focused keyword for a page, it also allows website owners to write better and more focused content. It also automatically generate a XML sitemap for your website and will even ping Google and Bing so the search engine know to view the site map.

cheap WordPress SEO package

WordPress SEO

Once you have your lovely new website up on the internet, the real work needs to start. The problem is that your business may be the best in the world with a website that looks wonderful, but if no one can find it, then no one will visit it and no visitors means no customers.

Low cost, affordable WordPress SEO is probably the answer you are looking for, as if you are like most small businesses money is tight and there no large ring fenced budget for marketing. While cheap is good, effective is better. What you are really after is, a SEO service you can afford that will deliver the ranking improvements that will generate sales and ultimately deliver a return on your investment and pay for itself.

Well here at Half-price-SEO we specialise in finding cheap and affordable SEO services for all type of websites including WordPress ones. Not only that but we have already negotiated a 50% discount off your first three months from the two companies we recommend. Just click on our links to find out more.

Responsive & Dynamic WordPress Themes

Searches that take place on mobile devices are the fastest growing sector, the move from PC to tablet and phone is well underway. Google knows this and has changed it ranking algorithm to take account of this device migration. Websites that are not optimised to display their content on mobile devices are now being penalised with lower search ranking make SEO much harder and more expensive. Google believes, quite rightly that customer’s will no long except a low experience on a smaller screen. SO if you do not want to miss out access to the fast growing part of the search business as well as possible never make page 1 in the results you will need to make sure your WordPress website has a fully responsive & dynamic themes.

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