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Social Media Managment

We all know the impact and popularity of social media, but yet many companies, especially small businesses are not using this powerful medium properly to generate interest and new customers for the products and services they sell.

Social Recommendation

Personal recommendation or word of mouth has always been one for the most cost effective ways to get new business, so engaging and even rewarding customers for sharing their experiences of your businesses products and services via social media is now a marketing essential. How many of us have checked in at restaurant on facebook or even shared pictures of our meals. This form of social recommendation is growing and we are now starting to new social media platforms, such as Jelly, were people ask questions of their friends and followers. The amount of posts now asking questions like “can anyone recommend a good trades man” are increasing every year along with possible potential business.

Well accept that as a business we need a phone, we now accept that we need a website and social media should be treated no differently than any other way of communicating with your customers. The fact is, the cost of management of your social media platforms is relatively low considering that it allows you to directly communicate and engage with them at home, work or even on the move. Have a special offer on this week, well letting your followers, who already know and understand your business know first, could see you sell out straight away.

Social Media

Be A Social Media Show off

While it is still unclear how and which social signals Google uses in its rankings, it is clear that by launching their own platform Google+ they feel that it is important to the way the web works and the sharing and linking via social networks will show to Google as well as others your expertise in your businesses field.

Time, it’s all about time. So many small businesses that I speak to say the same thing, “I just do not have the time to post and tweet regularly” and we do understand. Setting aside 30 mins or an hour a day to write interest and engaging post and tweets will seem like a complete nightmare to most small business owners, but there is a simple and cost effective answer.

Social media management packages are now starting to come down in price thanks mainly due to some cleaver tools. Packages offering 4 tweets and 2 posts per day, all well written and with images for the posts, can now be found for under £200 per month. These also include control panels that allow you schedule the releases to make them a full fire and forget solution.

As with everything we do, we are here to help, so if you are not sure what type of Social package your business needs or which company to go with, then get in touch with us via our contact us page and we’ll find you one that fully meet your needs and budget.

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