Website Design

Choosing your Website Design.

These days there so many choices when it comes to website design. Thanks to companies like Go daddy and 1&1 who offer drag and drop website builders, it has also never been easier to get your business on-line either, but with so much choice it can be difficult to know where to start.

Well the best place to start is with the reason why you need a website. For a lot of small businesses it’s just a brochure website they need. A brochure site is the simplest of website designed to show customer information on the business like opening hour, location and services offered. These only need to contain a few pages and are mainly designed to appear in local search results for keywords such as “plumber Bristol” or “restaurant Brighton”. For simple website like this we would recommend using one of the self build packages from either GoDaddy or 1&1 as these offer the lowest cost and are very popular.

Word Press

More complicated websites with higher numbers of pages are better produced with a package like Word press. Word press is free and very powerful and by using the plugin’s, most of which are free can do nearly everything that you would find in much more expensive packages. Word press is also very easy to customise and setup with 1000’s of template available.

Ecommerce Packages

Ecommerce websites are the most advanced and require the most configuration. While there are add on available that allow Word press to operate as an ecommerce site I would always recommend spending the extra and getting a dedicated ecommerce package like Seller Deck as the features and support that you get from a dedicated package will help you manage your online shop. When setting up an ecommerce site you will need to ensure that you create unique descriptions for all of your products as well as employing a SEO company that specialises in ecommerce SEO.

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