Social Media Optimisation (SMO)

Social Media Optimisation

Why you need SMO

For many businesses on the web, Social Media Optimisation is now just as important as SEO, especially as the new Google algorithm now takes notice for what they describe as Social signals.

This means that just as with back links, Google give weight to the number of “likes” and “follows” a website or page has within Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms.

We all know about the growth in the use of social media, especially platforms such as Facebook and twitter and now thanks to smart phone customers can share their experience of your business straight away and in so many ways. From “checking in” when they visit a restaurant, to posting a “selfie” of themselves with their new hair cut at a salon, customers are now constantly promoting the businesses they use to their friends. As we all know personal recommendation is one of the best and most effective ways of getting new customers, so if you are not taking full advantage and optimising your social media your business could be missing out in a big way.

Social Media Optimisation is all about using these platforms to communicate and engage your customer base and their friends in place they already visit and are comfortable with. Customer engagement leads to customer retention, so make sure you talk to your customers and let them know your latest promotions and offers.

Social Searching

The change in social media is also starting to affect the way people search for things as well as your ranking in standard search engines. More and more people are now searching for businesses by directly asking their friends and followers for recommendations. Posts and tweets like “anyone got the number of a good plumber” are growing all the time as people use social media as a recommendation engine. So ensuring that you build and optimise your social media presence has never been more important.

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