Pay Per Click (PPC)

Google Adwords.

The most commonly used form of Pay Per Click advertising is Google Adwords, this is due to the dominance of Google as a search engine in the UK. Pay Per Click has many advantages over SEO in driving targeted customers to your website but it has one major down side which is cost. The main benefits of PPC are its immediacy, flexibility and focus. Unlike almost any other form of advertising, PPC allows to increase, decrease or even stop your advertising instantly. This allows you to focus your campaigns in ways that are simply impossible with other forms of advertising.

Many small business owners can relate to the age old problem of being busy one week but not the next. Using Google adwords, it is simple to run a campaign to fill up those quiet times and keep the work flowing evenly throughout the year. It can also be used very effectively to keep stock levels low by target product names and description of any items that are not selling as fast as you need them too. This flexibility also allow you stop advertising any product that your are running low of or is out of stock.

Thanks to the conversation tracking within Google adwords which can show exactly which keyword generated which sales, it is very easy to see the return on investment (ROI) that your campaign is delivering. This information can also be used to improve your campaign by stopping keywords that are not delivering sales and increasing the budget of the ones that are.

Targeting highly competitive keywords with SEO can take many months to achieve page 1 results so by using PPC you can be on the first page today and get customers straight away while you’re waiting for your SEO to produce the results. PPC can also help in determining the most effective keywords to target for your SEO, as you can test the results instantly.

Cut the cost of PPC

As I mentioned at the beginning PPC has one down side, and it’s a big one. Paying of every click to your website can cost an awful lot especially if your campaigns are not set up 100% correctly. This is why PPC management is so important. Having your PPC campaign managed professionally will not only save you money on each click but massively improve the overall performance of your campaign and will far outweigh the management charge.

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