Cheap SEO Packages for UK and US Customers

There are so many different SEO packages on the market these days from so many different SEO companies, that it is hard to work out which SEO package or company gives you the best value. They often contain different number of keywords and include different types of SEO services making it difficult to compare like for like. Most small business owners know they need SEO to help them increase their website traffic but with most of them getting 3 or 4 emails a week from Indian SEO companies claiming to offer cheap SEO services, many are left not knowing which option they should go with.


As both share the same language, or nearly, is it safe to use a US SEO package for a UK based website and vice versa. We are asked this a lot, many US websites looking to take advantage of our discounts, want to make sure that the SEO packages from Click Submit and Search Elevation will work on their US websites. While the services from Click Submit and Search Elevation will work perfectly well for US business there are a couple of thing to look at if you are looking at other alternatives. Firstly, Keyword tracking, you will need to make sure that the company has the option to track keywords in different versions of Google (.com & There is no point have the ranking results from if you are based in the US. Secondly, backlinks & citations need to be considered. While Google does not normally care if the back link is from a website based in the US, UK or even India, the relevance can be affected, e.g. a citation from a local plumbing directory that only covers the UK will not be as relevant for a US local plumbing company. It’s all about relevance and as long as your SEO Company knows to focus this it will be ok.

SEO for US and UK small businesses

Quarterly or Monthly SEO Packages

Here at Half Price SEO we don’t believe you should ever be tied in to a long term contract for your Search engine optimisation. Paying monthly or quarterly is fine as long as this is all you are committed to. The very way SEO works means that you are going to have to except that you will ne to get instant results. The normal amount of time it takes to see them is between 3 and 6 months so when choosing between monthly and quarterly is more about your budget than anything else. For this reason, we have made sure that we have both options covered. Click Submit charges quarterly were as Search Elevation charges monthly.

Paying monthly is normally the preferred way as most small business owners just do not have the spare money to spend on a high upfront payment, it’s simply out of the reach of independent tradesmen, small local shops, restaurants and pubs.

Getting Page 1 Results

To keep the prices low, most SEO companies save money by cutting the services they offer to the most important parts. Search Elevation packages, although cheap, also include things that you only normally expect to see in much higher priced services. They include a full online monitoring system with a full daily rank checker for your keywords, Google Analytics and Webmaster tools integration, full website auditor and some of the most advanced link creation techniques available.

The Cheapest SEO service

Click Submit understand the difficulties in running a small business, they understand that most small business owners just do not have the spare money to spend on an expensive SEO package. This is why they have developed this ultra low cost SEO package that is the cheapest on the market. By creating some very cleaver tools and systems they are able to massively reduce the price of their SEO and pass the cost saving on to you. In fact they have managed to do this so well that they are able to offer a full 3 months SEO for only £49.99 plus vat, there’s no other SEO service out there that can match the Click Submit SEO package for value and return on investment.

Low Price – Best SEO Package

You may think that low cost SEO will not be effective but good SEO is all about getting a return on your investment. The simple aim is to get more back in extra sales than you spend on SEO marketing. If you are only spending £30 to £40 per month or less then you will be able to make you money back with only a couple of extra sales. Just think how much a new customers is worth to your business and how few you would need to get to be making a profit from a cheap SEO service.

Perfect SEO for the US and UK

Although Click Submit and Search Elevation are both based in the UK and charge for their SEO package in UK pounds, their service works brilliantly for both UK and US customers, in fact they are now getting customers from all round the globe

US & UK SEO packages

Try it Today and Save 50% on SEO Packages

Low cost SEO is great but it’s even better if you can try at a discount. Both Search Elevation and Click Submit allow our readers to try their packages with a Half Price discount. All you need to do is click on of our links and you can get started today and save 50% on your first payment.