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Save 50% when you order With Half Price SEO

There are many companies offering great SEO packages for small and local business, and choosing the right one that fits your business needs normally comes down to the cost of the SEO package. Most small business do not have large marketing budget to spend on SEO, so getting value for money is the most important criteria when choosing a SEO company.

Half Price SEO is different and we are here to save you money. We have managed to negotiate discounts for our reader from two of the best SEO companies, Click Submit and Search Elevation. SEO companies like Click Submit and Search Elevation know that once you start seeing the benefits of SEO and the increase in website traffic & customers, you’ll not want to stop. If fact you may want to increase your SEO package and get even more new visitors to your website. This is why we have been able to agree discounts of 50% and unlike other discount sites our discounts are not just for 7 or 14 days, our discounts are for 1 and 3 months. This means that before you start paying the full price for a SEO package you will be starting to see the benefits.

All You need to do is Order through us

Just choose which SEO company has the package that’s right for you business and then click the link below. You’ll then be able to sign up and save 50%.

Search Elevation

Search Elevation offers full service Local & Organic SEO packages, especially designed for small businesses to obtain great results in the Google listings. Their SEO packages normally start from only £59.99 per month and include many features that are only normally found in the most expensive SEO packages, like Multi-tier link creation and NAP citation creation. This make them amazing value and when you order with us you can get an extra 50% discount off your first month, making the starting price from only £29.99.

Search Elevation Organic & Local SEO

Click Submit

Possible the cheapest and most widely used SEO package by small businesses is from Click Submit, mainly due to its amazingly low cost. They charge only £49.99 per quarter for their SEO package, which includes some very useful tools and features. Thats right, a full 3 months SEO for only £49.99 and if you order using our Half Price link then your first three months is only £25. Just click the link below.

Save 50% on Click Submit with Half Price SEO

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