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Parasite SEO – Google Update Protection

Link building is still one of the most effective parts of the SEO process but since Google launched their Panda update, building large numbers of links can now harm your SEO rather than helping it. It is now recommend that you should not be building more than 100 back links per month directly to your website without using multi tier/parasite SEO techniques.

Multi Tier SEO

If you are looking to build a large number of back links you will need to make sure that Google does not penalise you for having a link profile that looks un-natural and the best way to achieve this it is now recommended that you use multi tier or parasite link building.

The aim of multi tier or parasite SEO is to protect your website from any potential Google penalty by controlling the links to your site. This will enable to remove any problem links quickly and easily in the future if they are affected by any future Google update. In the past webmaster had built thousands of links direct to their site only to have to spend an enormous amount of time and money trying to get them removed once the Google Penguin update was rolled out.

Parasite SEO

The best way to protect against this is by building a protective layer of websites between your website and the links. This layer is call a tier 1 layer, and these are typically high quality pages with unique content or pages on highly ranked domains like Facebook or Twitter. Once you have these, you can build very high numbers of links to these tier 1 sites from all type of places, confident that should one of them be penalised by Google your website will remain safe and link juice will still be passed to your website. See diagram below.

Multi Tier SEO

Another benefit from this approach is that it can protect your brand, as sites like Facebook and Twitter will always rank well in Google and due to this you should be able to lock out the first five positions of the search results for your brand name.

As well as Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter you should build a collection of web 2.0 properties with high quality and unique content. These can also be used to rank highly for certain keywords and so bring your website traffic as well as high quality relevant links.

While this type of SEO process is safe and will produce results over the long term, building this many links manually will be very time consuming. To speed up the process we recommend using either a multi tiered SEO package from Search Elevation or if you have lots of pages to target, Link Emperor to do all the hard work for you. The Link Emperor link building system can automate most of the tasks required to build a fully multi tier link building program, including content generation, web 2.0 tier 1 creation, mass link building and anchor text randomisation. Prices start from only $149 per month.

Advanced SEO Packages

If you are new to this type of advanced link building SEO and not sure you have the time or knowledge to configure and maintain this type of SEO package, Search Elevation offer a fully managed multi tiered SEO for only £59 per month.

If you think your website already has a Google penalty then see our page on Google Panda and Penguin recovery.

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