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Link Emperor

Link Emperor Review – why it is the only link building service you will ever need.

Link Emperor




Link building is still one of the most important parts of SEO, but the way build links and type of links that are needed has changed over the last couple of years. Thanks to the Google Penguin update, Link building must now look natural and must have the widest variety of types of links and from as many different places as well. The other major factor you need to be careful with is Anchor text. Just building links contain your keywords as anchor text will almost definitely see you fall foul of the Google penguin.

Link Emperor is an easy to use tool that allows you to control all your link building from one place, making it the only link building tool you will ever need.

Keywords and Targets

Link Emperor integrates simply and easily with analytics. It will then use the data from analytics to add keywords and landing page targets to your account. Each week it will then rank check these keywords so you can see your results. If you wish to monitor the keywords on a daily basis then this can be done for a small charge. Another great feature is the on-page score ranker which gives each of your targets landing pages a score for the targeted keyword making very easy to see which targets need some additional on page SEO.

Link Building

Link building is straight forward with Link Emperor, with just a few setting to setup on the type of links you wish to build and the level of randomisation you wish to add to the anchor text. This will allow your link building to be seen as natural by the search engines while still giving you the most powerful boost to your keyword rankings.

Multi Tier Link Building

Building links to other links and to your other brand pages like Facebook is also automated with this package. Just add your brand sites to the target list and you will be able dominate your brand term within the SERPs results. The tier target tab, controls your other links pages that will have links built to them thus boosting the link flow from these links.

Article Content

Building links from article sites used to be so time consuming, but now with Link Emperor it can be done in a couple of clicks. The Article tab allow you to up load pre written articles as well ability to use spun PLR and auto generated content for your article based links.

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