Free SEO Tools

How SEO friendly is your website? You may not need to spend lots of money to SEO your website and get it on to Page 1 of the search engines like Google. Below we have put together a list of the top Free SEO tools that you can use to check your website and to find ways to easily improve the way the search engines see and rank your website. Thanks to Free SEO tools like these many small businesses are choosing to ether do their own DIY SEO or are able to achieve page 1 results with much cheaper SEO packages.

Free Website Analysis and Review Tools

Onsite SEO is the first stage of any successful campaign, understanding the on-page issues that affect the way Google see your website is crucial if you want to get your site on to the first page of the search results.

There are a few Free website analyser tools out there, after reviewing them, we have list the best three below. Between them they will give you all the information you need to work out where to start with your DIY SEO campaign for your website.
Woorank – The most popular free tool for scoring your website.
Iwebchk – Not as well known as Woorank but just as good. – This tool is simple to follow but not as comprehensive as the other two.


Free SEO Spider Tools

This is our absolute top Free tool, Screaming Frog website spider, if you are planning to do your own website SEO then the information this tool will give you will be invaluable. It will spider your entire website showing all the pages, their titles, their headers, ALT tags, redirections and links.
Screaming Frog -TOP FREE TOOL
Xenu – Similar to Screaming frog and very useful.

Free Back Link Checker Tools

We all know how important backlinks are when it comes to SEO, but not all backlinks deliver the same benefits. By using these tools you can view your backlinks and check which ones come from high PR sites and which one are “no-follow”, you can also view the anchor text they contain. – Unlike many free back link tools, this one is not a cut down version.
seo-spyglass – A great Link checking tool, you will need to download this one.
monitorbacklinks – A cut down version of this tool is available for use FREE, but there is also a free trial of the full back link checker.

SEO tools – Free and discounted

Other Free SEO Tools

Rank Checker – this Free rank checker tool will allow you to monitor your keywords so you can see the improvement in the ranking positions. Keeping an eye on your SERPs will tell you how your overall campaign is performing and which keyword you need extra optimisation for.
Google Webmaster Tools – See how Google see your website, this invaluable free tool will get you details on which keywords your website is being found for.
Google Analytics – Allows you to monitor all the traffic coming to your website and which sources it is coming from. Increasing the traffic to your website is the aim of any SEO package, so it’s important to know what’s working.

Top Tip

Remember, SEO is not just about getting page 1 results for your website but it’s also important to out rank your competitors. Try running these tools on your competitors websites to see how their SEO compares to yours.