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Are you a small business that wants to make the most of your website without paying the earth? Well Click Submit / Boost-local may well be the answer you have been looking for. They offer a fully white hat SEO package for only £99.99 per quarter. This package includes search engine submission, link building from websites that are relevant to your sector and straight forward instruction on how to improve your on-page meta factors. Our amazing offer allows our readers to start their website SEO using Boost-local (Click Submit) total free for the first three months, saving you the normal £99.99 quarterly charge. So why not get started today and save around £100 on your SEO.

Traditionally, website SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) has been expensive and there for not cost effective for most small business to use. Boost-local / Click Submit have changed all this with their ultra low cost small business SEO package. They have made it not only affordable, but simple to use and understand. Their cheap SEO service is aimed directly at small and local businesses and is now delivering results for over 1000’s satisfied customers.

How Click Submit can help your website

Why choose Click Submit SEO – Reviews

So why do so many small businesses use Click Submit /Boost-Local to SEO their websites? Well, to put it simply, it’s “price” and “value for money”. Small businesses love the low cost as well as the results they deliver. Due to their focus on price as well as results they are consistently rated as one of the best SEO Company’s on trust pilot, with a review rating of 9 out of 10. Just take a look and see what other customers just like you are saying about this Click Submit SEO package, visit the Trust Pilot – Click Submit Review Page.

Promo Code – Discount Code for Click Submit

Nearly a 1000 of Half-Price-SEO readers have already joined Click Submit / Boost Local and are reaping the rewards that this SEO service offers. Our new promo discount code “SEO4FREE” not only allows any of our readers to join Boost-local / Click Submit but offers them a massive 100% discount on the already low price of £99.99 per quarter for their first 3 months. That right, click the link on this page and you can get this 3 month SEO package from Click Submit /Boost-local totally FREE.

Save 100% with our Click Submit discount code

A SEO Package with everything included

Target 5 Keywords with Click Submit

Choose 5 Keywords

Click Submit / Boost-local will allow you to target up to 10 keywords with their package but we always recommend limiting your choices to 5 as this will maximise the effectiveness in Google when it comes to boosting your search engine rankings.

unlimited use of Click Submits SEO Analyser

On-page SEO Analyser

All good SEO, starts with making sure your website pages support your chosen keywords and Boost-local / Click Submit is no different. In the first couple of days they will analyse your website and produce a report suggesting any change that are need to fully support your keywords and boost your rankings. They also include unlimited access to their analyser tool that will allow you to check your page titles, H header tags, keyword density and much more. The results will enable you to make the right changes to your web pages and ensure the search engines really love your website and reward it with that all important page 1 results.

Search engine submission included as part of the Click Submit SEO package

Search engine and Directory Submission

To ensure your website gets the traffic it needs, they submit your site to every search engine. This means that every search engine will know to crawl and index your website. They also submit your website to a select number of directories which can help drive highly targeted traffic for you. To ensure these are kept up to date this process is repeated every 3 months.

White hat backlink exposure for Penguin safe links

White Hat Backlinks

Link building is still one of the most important and effective parts of the SEO process but due to changes (Google Penguin) over the last few years, just building links from unrelated website is no longer recommended. To avoid potential penalties, Boost-local uses the Click Submit has new Link exposure system that enables them to attract links to your website. Unlike link building, the other website only builds the link if they feel your website is relevant and worthy of it, this means it is truly “White Hat” and as they have such a large selection of partner websites they can aim to attract the optimal number of back links, which is between 100 & 300 per quarter.

Get more likes and followers with the like to follow social media booster

Search Engine Optimisation, Internet marketing and networking

This Click Submit / Boost-local SEO service package does not just target search engine optimisation, it includes much more than that. Boosting your social media profile and getting you more “Facebook Likes” and “Twitter Followers” is also part of the service. Their “Like to Follow” exchange program allows you to join forces with other Boost-local / Click Submit customers to “Like” and “follow” each other’s pages and improve your internet marketing as a result.

Networking is always important in business, so Boost-local / Click Submit have developed their own networking search engine called “Connect”. Opt in to this (it’s Free) and join over 2000 other businesses that search for products and services from other Click Submit / Boost-local customers. Imagine that, 1000s of small businesses all buying each other’s products and services through the Click Submit / Boost-local network.

Start Boost-local (Click Submit) today

Sign up today, and you will soon see an increase you website traffic, rankings, Facebook likes and Twitter Followers. Remember, this SEO service in normally £99.99 per quarter, but is available for you to try for FREE for the first three months when you use our Click Submit / Boost-local Promo Code “SEO4FREE” or our link.

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