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Choosing the Best SEO packages and company

ROI is the best SEO indicator

When you are looking for the best SEO services company to work with, it’s very important to remember ROI or to give it its full name “Return on Investment”. After all we are all in business to make money. All SEO companies claim to be the best in the business, but getting high rankings on keywords that will not drive traffic to your website is not going to make you any money and probably won’t even cover the costs of the SEO package. So before you start, find out how many new visitors you should expect to get from your SEO campaign and then balance this against the cost of the SEO package. One tip is to start out with a smaller low cost SEO package. If you look for one that is going to cost you £100 per month or less then the risks of losing your money are much lower. This is because even a modest increase in your visitor numbers should be able to be converted in to sales exceeding the monthly SEO cost. Once you can see the results and are happy that you have chosen the best SEO campaign, because it is paying for its self then you can look at moving to a larger more expensive SEO package with the confidence that you will see a significant return on your investment.

NO contract – Good SEO Companies don’t tie you in

As well as starting off with a low cost SEO package you should also make sure you are not tied in to any long term contract. A good SEO company should have confidence that they can deliver a return for you, so why would they need to tie you in for up to a year. If the SEO package is making you money then you’re not going to leave. You’re going to increase what you spend. Even committing to a low price SEO package for a long term could cost you hundreds or even thousands of pounds. If it is not working, you are not just losing the money you pay each month but the additional profits you would have been earning with another company.

Half Price SEO

Half Price SEO only recommends low cost SEO packages with no contract tie in from top SEO companies such as Click Submit and Search Elevation.


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