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Can websites use the either UK & US SEO

There are many benefits to be had, thanks to the US and the UK both using a common language (English). Firstly we are able to holiday in each other’s country without the need for a phrase book. We are able to watch both US and UK TV and not have to suffer dubbing or subtitles, this also gives a lot of work to our actors (UK), though they mainly play baddies and drive Jaguars. The biggest advantages by far, comes in the way of being able to easily access technology and business services from both the US and UK. We all know that websites are changing the way we do business, making it easier than ever for UK based companies to buy services from the US and vice versa. So will an British SEO service work just as well as an American one on a US website. Well the answer is YES, SEO for organics listing is going to work in the same way no matter which side of the pond your website is based. Google looking for relevant and high quality links and that is not going to be affected by the hosting location of the linking website.

US & UK SEO services

Local US & UK SEO

When it comes to local listings SEO then there are some differences, the location Google would expect to see your NAP citations are going to be a little different, this is mainly due to some of the directories being country specific and not excepting listing from website and businesses outside of their area. While this could be a problem it tends not to be as most SEO companies are used to dealing with this and have a separate list for citation dependant on website location.

US & UK SEO services

Save £’s – Save $’s

So no matter where your business is located, you can still save money on your SEO service with Half-Price-SEO.com. We offer discount codes and links from two of the best low cost SEO providers. And thanks to both companies taking Paypal payment in either currency is straight forward and simple. The simple truth is that a 50% saving, whether it’s in Dollars or Pounds is still great value and Half Price.

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