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Would you buy a SEO service or package online? Of course you would, SEO is all about getting more people to your website and then converting them in to customers. So, if the SEO Company you are looking at isn’t on the first page of Google and has a website that doesn’t allows you to buy their SEO packages or services, then how can they understand how to do this for your website?

In fact, out of all the things we buy online, SEO and web design should be at the top of the list, and if the company can’t do it for themselves, there is very little chance of them doing it for you and your website.

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Page 1 rankings

There are many SEO companies that say, “SEO terms are the most competitive in the world” and they are right, every SEO company would like to be number one for a SEO search term, but there are thousands and thousands of SEO companies out there. In fact, there are so many of them, all of them doing SEO for their websites that ranking for a SEO term is going to be much more difficult than ranking a website on page for any other business.

So they can argue that although they do not rank for their own website they will be able to get good rankings for yours and they are quite possible right, but why take the chance? Why not choose a company the can show you how good they are by ranking on the first page in the most competitive market there is, SEO.

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Order SEO services online

The other argument that some SEO companies will use is “we don’t sell set SEO packages”, all of our SEO services are bespoke and because of this we can’t take orders online”. TWADDLE, any service can be sold online, and even if they try to convince you that no two SEO campaign are the same, they are unlike to be reinventing the wheel for each new customer. All SEO packages will have an element of flexibility with in them to allow for different locations and industry sectors. The main differences or uniqueness is the amount of SEO you need to buy each month and this will depend on the competitiveness of the industry you are in, the age of your website and the positions you already have with in the search engines, so really it’s just a matter of the SEO company advising you on which SEO package meets your needs so you can choose which SEO package to buy.

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