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How to Boost Your Website Traffic for FREE

Would you like to get more customers and traffic to your website? The answer is yes I’m sure, but how to and how much will it cost. Well the answers are simple, the Click Submit affordable SEO package that’s designed for small businesses like yours. What’s more you can try this SEO package Half Price for your first 3 months. This low cost SEO package from Click Submit, normally cost £49.99 per quarter but when you use our special Click Submit promo code “WDCB” you can try it for only £25.

This complete SEO package is designed to meet the needs of small and local businesses that are looking for higher rankings in Google, more Facebook Likes, more Twitter Followers and a boost their Website traffic.

Now that you have your website all set up it just a matter of letting people know about it, as you’re not going to get any new customers if no one visits your website, and no one will visit your website if no one can find it in the organic search results.

Boost your website traffic

More than one way to increase website traffic

Ranking on page 1 of the search engines for your keywords is by far the most cost effective way to drive this extra traffic to your website, the second way is to engage with potential via social media. Increasing the amount of people that follow and like your social media pages will not only drive traffic but help you dominate the search results for your brand term.

While companies like Godaddy, Moonfruit and 1&1 have made setting up a new website for your business, cheap and easy, driving high quality traffic to your site has remained complicated, expensive and out of the reach of a lot of small companies until now. No small business can justify spending 10 or 20 times the monthly cost of their website on SEO, they just will not see a sufficient return. This is why Click Submit have targeted the price of their SEO so that small website owners can afford it.

Remember, your website is just like any bricks and mortar store front. It’s all about footfall or website traffic and visitor numbers.

Get start today, No contract. See the benefits and start increasing your website traffic.

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