Monthly Archives: April 2014

Click Submit Review

Our Review of Click Submit

If you are looking for a cheap low cost SEO package, Click Submit is defiantly the way to go. Let me be upfront from the start, we promote Click Submit so we are not claiming this to be a totally unbiased review of the Click Submit...

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Choose WordPress over Free website builders

The main reason to use Wordpress

So you need a new website, either for a new business or to replace an existing site. The problem is, there are too many different options out there. Well the first thing you should be thinking about is flexibility. The problem with most of the simple website builder packages is,...

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Complete guide to setting up a Hosted WordPress site

How to setup Wordpress as a hosted site

Wordpress is one of the most powerful website building tools available, not only that but it’s FREE. 1) Choose your domain name This should be one that reflects the nature of your business. If you are a local business you may want to include your town name as well. Make sure...
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